What’s Needling You?

What’s Needling You?

Well hello ladies, gents and everyone else. How are we all? Did September go well for you? Are your small people back in school (or in, out and in again like some strange and highly inconvenient Hokey Cokey)?

Looking Good Means Feeling Good

So, for now we’re in Boris’s Tier 2, so can still go to the pub (until 10pm, anyhoo) yet can’t be sure exactly what the future holds, Covid-wise. Let’s face it, there are few certainties in life at the best of times. As Benjamin Franklin said, the only certainties in life are death and taxes. And, as another saying goes, growing UP is entirely optional and although growing older is pretty much obligatory, skin that LOOKS older is NOT inevitable or unavoidable.

Fabulous eyebrows, as we know, can really lift your look, frame your eyes and refresh your face, whilst other forms of semi-permanent make up bring their own youth-like benefits. Fresh, smoothed, and revitalised skin, however, can really make a difference. Sure, relaxing facials are lovely, and just a simple facial massage can encourage blood flow to give a temporary boost and a bit of a glow. However, to turbo charge those effects, more clinical treatments such as needling and dermaplaning are ACE. I know because I’ve tried. Lord knows I’ve tried. All in the name of research for you lot, obviously…

Eternal Youth? Not Quite, But…

But seriously. Having tried countless facials and treatments promising eternal youth (well, not quite, but you know what I mean) and having spoken at length with clients (what, me? Speak at length?!) it simply made sense to add these more-than-a-facial facials to my treatment list. Both microneedling and dermaplaning are a good fit with my skill set and with the more clinical grade of treatment clients know me for. After all, the Enhance of Cheshire clinic is already the perfect setting – that the levels of hygiene, equipment, insurance, and clinical waste streams are already in place.

Microneedling Done Right

Such treatments demand far more than just the right facilities. Those who know me well know I do everything properly and to the nth degree – no corners cut; nothing left to chance. The only acceptable time to wing it is with eyeliner… I undertook extensive pre-course reading, completed a stringent training course, and trained extensively on models prior to passing my exam.

Don’t be Plain, Dermaplane

Dermaplaning – or derma blade, as it’s often called – can complement needling but is also a fabulous and skin-goal-scoring super-treatment in its own right.

Dermaplaning involves gently scraping the skin with a special blade, similar to a surgical scalpel. Sometimes referred to as microplaning or blading, the treatment removes dead and dry skin cells as well as peach fuzz hair, to give a smoother skin surface and a radiant, more youthful appearance. Makeup simply glides on flawlessly after dermaplaning, too. I completed a similar programme of training, practice, and qualification.

The Many Benefits of Microneedling

The training and procedure are all important BUT of course, what matters most to you lovely lot is the reduction of fine lines and slowing down the appearance of ageing. As the skin starts to age – in your TWENTIES – the repair and rejuvenation mechanisms begin to decline, meaning that collagen density decreases in our skin. Say hello to dull, tired, sagging skin. Or don’t… What YOU want to know is what could microneedling do for YOUR skin? Microneedling is intended to help produce new collagen and elastin – vital to encourage elasticity and promote firmer, glowing and thus younger-looking skin.

It is thought that microneedling can:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimize pore size
  • Induce skin tightening
  • Stimulate collagen production to help promote rejuvenation
  • Trigger elastin production
  • Diminish surgical, traumatic, burn or acne scarring
  • Improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation (such as age spots and melasma)
  • May also improve stretch marks
  • Enhances skin texture

Celebrities love microneedling almost as much as we do. As appearance is everything to them, we can take that as a definite thumbs up.

What Can I Expect During Microneedling?

The Microneedling technique sort of ‘stamps’ the skin at a perpendicular angle. The needle length and pressure are both variable and are tailored to each individual’s needs and facial demographics. A client with perhaps an especially bony forehead area may be needled at 0.25mm while someone with a little more flesh on their forehead could tolerate 0.5mm or 0.75mm – comfort is as crucial a factor as results. Needle lengths vary from 0.25-2.5mm, electronically adjusted to deliver millimetre precision. A world away from the ‘at-home’ kits and also deeper than the popular derma roller, which is more suited to larger areas needing tightening or stretch-mark reduction.

The techy bit:

  • Needles are single use and sterile
  • Equipment is DrPen
  • Needle choice – 36 pin
  • Treatment time 30mins to 1.5hours depending on area covered
  • Current brands in clinic are nip + fab and Mesotreat

Hyaluronic acid-based products are used during your Microneedling treatment. This gel-like, water-holding molecule helps keep skin plump and hydrated. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced in the body and is something of a skin superhero – it can retain over 1,000 times its weight in water within skin cells.

Super Serums PLUS Microneedling Equals Results

The skin products and serums used during the treatment are also selected for each individual client dependant on their specific needs and their skin. For example:

“Dermaheal SB (Skin Brightening) Mesotherapy works to reduce and prevent hyper-pigmentation and fight age spots. The formula contains encapsulated Arbutin and Liquorice extract, which acts by aggressively blocking the conversion of L-DOPA to eumelanin and phaeomelanin by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. Working to brighten and effectively prevent further skin pigmentation, leaves skin smooth, soft and radiant.”


“Dermaheal SR is a powerful anti-aging facial treatment which rejuvenates aging skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines. Contains pure hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin & shrink pores, it revitalizes dry and dull skin by stimulating cell proliferation.”

The face is thoroughly cleansed before the treatment, serum is applied during and after treatment, plus the prescriptive serum is available for clients to buy. Microneedling downtime is minimal, but it’s important to avoid make-up or harsh products for 24 hours after treatment.

See for Yourself the Benefits of Microneedling and Dermaplaning
Drop me a line or call for a chat. Microneedling – and dermaplaning – are suitable for nearly everyone, and I am confident you will be thrilled with your results.

Stay well everyone x