Permanent Eyeliner

Semi Permanent Eyeliner tattoo sits within or above the lash line to ultimately give the appearance of fuller lashes.


Options for eyeliner range from a traditional eyeliner tattoo, which can end softly on the outer edge of the eye or a flick to give a subtle yet effective lash line enhancement.


Semi permanent makeup pigment is implanted between the lashes usually across the top lid, giving the illusion of a thick dark lash line.

Types of Semi Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo


Traditional Permanent Eyeliner

The traditional tattoo is placed right above the lash line, leaving the effect of a distinct eyeliner line.


Permanent Eyeliner Lash Enhancement

With lash line enhancements the tattoo sits within the lash line for a more subtle, natural look. If you are not wearing makeup, a lash enhancement will just leave you looking like you have fuller lashes and a wider eye look.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner Consultation

Your unique eyeline enhancement will be specially created to suit the shape of your eyes and bring greater definition to your eyes.


Before treatment we will establish the best eyeline shape and colour for your eyes, skin colour and life style.


Semi Permanent Eyeliner Process & Post Treatment

The treatment usually takes around one to two hours to complete. The implanted pigment will look 30% darker and may take 3-4 days to lighten to the desired shade. Full recovery depends on the client but usually there is some swelling for a couple of days only and no mascara or eye makeup is permitted for 1 week.