Lip Liner & Blush

Full lip colour, liner and blush or just liner – enhance your lips with semi permanent lip makeup.


With age lips can become paler or thinner and many of us lack lip definition and symmetry regardless of age. Perfectly symmetrical fuller looking lips can be created with a semi permanent lip liner using blended or full tints in a colour of your choice.

A full range of lip tattoo effects are available, from a beautiful lip liner to full lip colour and everything in-between.

Semi permanent makeup is carefully implanted into the skin giving definition to the shape and edge of the lip and then blending the pigment down into the natural lip colour, giving a soft natural effect. Your unique lip enhancement will be specially created to suit the shape of your face and bring greater definition to your lips and smile.


A lipline treatment can bring definition back to the lips by redefining the line that fades with age. Or indeed your lost vermilion boarder due to fillers.


A lip blush can replace natural colour lost in the lips or, for a more dramatic effect a ‘lip stick’ can give you a more ‘made up’ look.


The results will be noticeably enhanced, fabulous fuller lips, regardless of which lip service you choose.

Semi Permanent Lip Makeup Colours

I stock a wide range of colours for you to choose from in clinic. All of the lip colours can be hand blended to give you the exact colour you desire.


Whether you are opting for a natural colour of a more vibrant deeper colour, the choice is yours!

Semi Permanent Lip Tattoo Process & Post Treatment

The treatment usually takes around two hours to complete and the implanted pigment will look 30-40% darker and may take 3-4 days to lighten to the desired shade. 


Before we begin we will establish the best treatment for your lips and use a lipline pencil to create the perfect shape and colour.


 We will only ever proceed when the perfect colour and shape has been achieved and the client is happy.  


If you suffer with or are prone to cold sores, a course of Aciclovir is recommended before treatment commences.  


No down time, but lips will be tender for around 5 days whilst healing.