Fungal Nail

Fungal nail infections are caused by dermatophytes (a common fungus) that can leave nails looking unsightly, causing patients a great deal of distress.


They can be treated with oral or topical medication by your GP. However, fungal nail infections are traditionally difficult to treat and it can take many months to see any positive results. Many patients are now opting for laser instead of tablets due to concerns about side effects tablets can have necessitating regular liver function tests.

The results have been superb and have been proven to be clinically effective in 88% of cases with no downtime or complications.


The laser, which is safe, fast and pain free, kills the fungus and helps to stimulate nail growth.


Targeting the affected nail and the lower layer of the skin and nail bed, the laser creates heat under the skin’s surface. This heat then sufficiently destroys the dermatophytes allowing the nail plate to return to normal.


Results using laser treatment – typically patients will see results within 4 weeks of their initial treatment. Most patients require a minimum of two treatments and we recommend one treatment per month.


You must not be taking oral or topical medication for the fungus infection for 2 weeks prior to the laser treatment.


Nails should be free from polish for your appointment and post procedure you should keep nails clean and short. If treatment is on toes – wear fresh socks!