The Hole Truth – All About Piercings with Enhance of Cheshire

The Hole Truth – All About Piercings with Enhance of Cheshire

It may be a whole new year (and I wish you a happy one, without any infernal tiers) but we begin with another Lockdown in all but name. It’s hard not to get despondent – Enhance of Cheshire is a relatively young business, yet I’ve only been able to operate fully for a few months this year.

It was devastating to have to close last week with just a few hours’ notice – so I worked until midnight to accommodate as many of you as I could. My heart goes out to all businesses similarly affected – hang in there, girls and boys. Better days are coming.

Pierce and Love

But! Enough with the doom and gloom. I’m an eternally happy bunny and as you know, I’ve been using the enforced downtime wisely. As well as adding laser hair removal and prescriptive facials to my repertoire, I’ve also honed my skills in a hole new way. Literally! Enhance of Cheshire can now (well, you know, once tiers permit) offer piercings.

What part of your body can you pierce? That’s completely up to you. I’m unshockable AND unshakeable as well as qualified, clinical and insured and I’ll always put you at ease. If it’s safe and legal to do so, I can put a hole and an exquisite piece of jewellery in it for you. Top to bottom and pretty much everything in between! Ear piercing remains the most popular service – although even that’s not limited to the lobes. In fact, some ear piercings are thought to have wellbeing benefits.

Ear We Go

Just as piercing is no longer only for ears, so ear piercing isn’t restricted to just one or two studs in the lobe. We can embellish virtually any part of the ear and I’m happy to have a chat about what you want. Similarly, the choices of jewellery for ear piercings are becoming increasingly intricate as well as extensive. From one or two statement pieces to a myriad of unexpected and unusual piercings, the choice and the look is entirely yours. Sprinkle your shell-likes with shiny stuff!


If your lobe can accommodate it, maybe try a vertical lobe piercing – two studs, one on top of the other.


Perfect for dinky and delicate piercings, the upper lobe piercing is exactly that.


A helix piercing is usually sited at the top of the ear cartilage. There’s loads of room here, so you can choose a double or even triple helix piercing. Still bearable on the pain scale, too.


A forward helix piercing tends to sit on the inner and top half of the ear cartilage. Choose a single piercing or a whole series. About midway on the soreness scale.


The conch is the middle section of the ear. There is both an inner conch, where a stud is placed right through the middle, and an outer conch. Here a hoop will start in the middle, then extend to the outer edge of your ear. This may be a little more painful.


A daith piercing is positioned through the innermost part of ear cartilage. Often reputed to alleviate recurring bad headaches and migraines. Pain factor is usually around a 6/10


The ridge just over the daith is referred to as a rook, and this suits a curved barbell style of piercing.


Just above the ear canal is the tragus. This is usually only suitable for one piercing, which can be a stud or a hoop.


The anti-tragus is just opposite the tragus and is a similar shape.
My lovely client Lynne says it all: “I had my ear (conch) pierced today with Tracy after being recommended locally. I’ve had a few piercings but still get nervous! Tracy was brilliant, her salon is both homely and super-clean, so you feel 100% safe and at ease when you’re in there.

You’ll get walked through the piercing and aftercare and be shown some earring options at different price ranges so you can choose what you like and what’s in budget.

A great experience all round and of course I LOVE my piercing! Thanks Tracy”

What Else Can We Pierce?

As well as the eternally popular ear piercing, I can also offer the following:

  • Eyebrow Piercing
  • Belly Button Piercing
  • Nose Piercing
  • Lip Piercing
  • Skin Divers
  • Nipple Piercing
  • Genital Piercing

We’ll talk at length about what you want, how it’ll feel and how best to care for your piercing afterwards. I will also advise on the best pieces of jewellery for your chosen spot – and available budget. As with any Enhance of Cheshire service, it’s all about YOU. Genital piercings are strictly for over 18s. Cartilage, nose and belly button piercing is available for clients age 14 and over who must be accompanied by a parent. I can pierce ear lobes for children age six plus.

Aftercare is Everything

Healing time depends very much on the piercing location and we’ll discuss this at length before I go anywhere near you with my needle. Hygiene in clinic is paramount and keeping your piercing clean afterwards is equally important. Between us, we’ll ensure you are no less than 100% happy with your choice and I’m only ever on the end of the phone or a message.

Now all that remains is to count the days until I get to meet and treat you again!