Piercing Love at Enhance of Cheshire

Piercing Love at Enhance of Cheshire

Geddit? Piercing love – pierce’n’love… Peace and Love. No? Oh, ok then, let’s go route one with the puns instead: NEVER get your ears pierced by a pirate, even though it’s only a buck an ear.

Professional Piercings Only

Yep. I’ll stick to the day (plus evening and occasional weekend) job. There’s still a critical point there, though. DON’T get just anyone to pierce your ears, or anywhere else for that matter. You’re asking your piercer to stick actual holes in your body. Literally. Would you PLEASE ensure it’s someone clean and qualified? I’ve seen the results of ‘but he was cheap’ piercings, and I wouldn’t want ANYONE to end up like that. I’ll spare you the pics. For now, anyway…

Tattoo parlours are often the go-to for piercings, as they are usually well up to speed with their hygiene protocols, health and safety and all the proper insurances and correct qualifications. However, they can be a little intimidating, especially for children. No disrespect, tattoo peeps. You’re all fab, BUT I know my daughter might be a little daunted.

Comfy Clean Clinic

Here at Enhance of Cheshire, you’re guaranteed a comfortable, clinically clean, er, clinic and the warmest of warm welcomes. I’ll talk you through everything and put your mind totally at ease. I also offer an exquisite range of jewellery, so your piercing – or your daughter’s first ear piercing – doesn’t have to be a bog-standard stud or some sort of stop-gap, but a beautiful piece to be proud of. After all, isn’t that the whole point of jewellery?

I added piercing to the Enhance of Cheshire repertoire at the start of this year, back when we were still enduring lockdowns and all the ensuing uncertainties. It was heartbreaking to have to stop doing what I love for so long, but as you know, I made the best of all the enforced downtime. I’m not one for sitting still for long. As my family – and their collective piercings – will testify.

Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose…

A piercing’s not just for your ears, either. Don’t get me wrong, that’s still the most popular choice by a mile. AND there’s no need to stick to a single or standard ear piercing. There are SO many options:

  • VERTICAL LOBE: If there’s room, try two studs, one on top of the other.
  • UPPER LOBE: Perfect for diminutive or delicate piercings.
  • HELIX: Usually at the top of the ear cartilage. Plenty of room here; maybe try a double or even triple helix piercing. It doesn’t hurt too much, either.
  • FORWARD HELIX: This piercing tends to sit on the inner and top half of the ear cartilage. Fair to medium, ouch-wise.
  • CONCH: The middle section of the ear. There is an inner conch, where a stud goes right through the middle, and an outer conch. I’ll be honest; this can smart a little.
  • ROOK: The ridge just over the Daith is called a rook and suits a curved barbell piercing.
  • TRAGUS: Just above the ear canal.
  • ANTI-TRAGUS: The anti-tragus is just opposite the tragus and is a similar shape.

So yes, we can embellish virtually any area of your ear, and our selection of jewellery for ear piercings is extensive and, without exception, exquisite. We have hoops, leaves, climbers, divers, crystals, gemstones, titanium, gold, white gold, platinum… From one or two subtle or statement pieces to a multitude of extraordinary piercings, it’s all up to you. Go forth and sparkle!

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (Knees and Toes)

Why not expand your piercing horizons a little? Nose piercings are ever so popular, and once again, some of the pieces we have at Enhance of Cheshire are SOOOO pretty. They really do enhance your face. Eyebrow piercings look lovely, too. Other facial piercings include lip piercings and skin divers.

Where else can you pierce? Well, that’s your call entirely. I’m not just qualified, clinical and insured, you know! I’m also pretty much unshockable – seriously, try me – and I’ve pierced all sorts of body bits for all sorts of people. Just so long as it’s safe and legal to do so, I can pierce it for you, then enhance it with an exquisite piece of jewellery. Head to toe and everywhere else besides. Belly button piercing is eternally popular and looks FAB with a cropped top, and many people choose nipple or genital adornments.

Looking After You

Whatever you decide, I’ll talk you through the piercing process and give strict aftercare instructions. We’ll discuss what you want in great detail, and I won’t put needle to skin until we’re both absolutely, unequivocally happy – the same with your jewellery choices. You have to love it, and it has to suit your budget. I’ll do my very best to exceed your expectations there, too.

Genital piercings are strictly for over 18s ONLY. No exceptions, no arguments. Even if I disagreed, which I don’t, that’s the law. Cartilage, nose and belly button piercings are available from the age of 14, and ear lobes from age 6, when accompanied by a parent.

Let’s recap. I can pierce anything, and I do it well, here in my beautiful, clean clinic. I have gorgeous pieces of jewellery for any taste and any budget. I will not pierce anything or anyone that shouldn’t be. So DON’T let a pirate pierce you. That really would be oooh-ahhhr on the pain scale.

Go on, what would YOU like me to pierce next?