Enhance Your Eyes with Enhance of Cheshire

Enhance Your Eyes with Enhance of Cheshire

The eyes, it’s often said, are the windows to the soul. Like any windows with a view, they should be beautifully framed and dressed.

Not everyone fancies tattooed brows and lash extensions can be irksome, but at Enhance of Cheshire, we can still work wonders for you, so read on.

If you’ve been asleep, or under a rock, for the past couple of years, you may not know much about Brow Lamination. Surely, though, you’re familiar with the work of lash lifts? These two FABULOUS little treatments can lift your whole face – yet take little time and cost only a few quid. PLUS – bonus – you get to lie on my couch with your eyes closed for a bit. Snoring and drooling are both tactfully ignored. Bliss!

Big Up Your Brows with Enhance of Cheshire

But what IS brow lamination? Brow aficionados have been singing the praises of brow lamination for ages – myself included. The results are indeed impressive. Brow lamination leaves you blessed with full-looking brows without spending ages on pomades and pencils. The before and afters often seem like an entirely different pair of brows.

Brow lamination is a treatment a bit like perming the hair, back in the day. Where a perm usually curled or waved the hair, brow lamination straightens and lifts the brow hairs. The brows can then be groomed into the perfect shape for you, with any gaps or strays sorted too. With brow lamination I can realign your brows, giving you the brow shape you want and a fuller, fluffier look.

After the brows are straightened and groomed into the perfect shape and fullness for you, another solution is applied which keeps them in place, as well as a tint if desired. The result is fuller-looking brows that stay put and stay perfect when brushed into shape. The effect lasts around six weeks.

As always at Enhance of Cheshire, we also go the extra mile for you and your newly perfect brows. A new protein composition based on liquid keratin and silicone encourages brow growth by creating a protective film around the hair. Brilliant brows for now, better brows growing through.

Bigger Better Brows in a Jiffy

The whole process takes under an hour and costs just £35. Aftercare is easy peasy lemon squeezy too. Just keep them completely dry – and don’t touch!
Unlike semi-permanent brows and microblading, brow lamination makes the best of what mama nature gave you. No tattoos, no blades. Nonetheless, I’ll still take time to chat and make sure we get your brows just right for you, and I reckon you’ll be amazed at how much fuller your brows will look. Cast your eyes over the before and after pics – it’s hard to believe how much we can achieve with your own, natural brows.

Light Up Those Lashes with an Enhance of Cheshire Lash Lift

In the same vein, lash lifts work with your natural lashes. Again, much like a perm, a lash lift simply enhances the shape and colour of your natural lashes. No semi-permanent eyelashes or falsies, no lash extensions – just eyes that looker brighter, bigger and more wide-awake.

A lash lift boosts and lifts each individual lash, before a tint which gives the appearance of thicker, darker, longer lashes. Take a look at the before and afters – wowsers!

After lash lift treatments, lashes must be kept dry for 24hours and the effect is good for about around 6-8 weeks. All for just £30 including the tint.

DON’T You Dare DIY

Now, as you all know, I’ve worked hard, studied, trained and practiced (oh, my poor husband. Bless his heart – and his eyebrows). I’m insured. My clinic is, unsurprisingly, clinically clean and hygienic. Products within clinic are the safest around, and the highest professional quality. They’re not available to buy from just anywhere.

So. This bit is going in capitals: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. The slightest little cock up can easily damage lashes. Worse, it could damage your skin or even your sight.

See You Soon

Yes, we’re ALL itching to get back to the salon, professionals and clients alike. Sadly, beauty and holistic appointments remain out of bounds for now. I’ve seen your Facebook posts. I know. Your fringe is out of control, your roots are way beyond ombré, glossy nails are a distant memory and as for your frown lines… But hey, if this is your worst problem at the mo, you’re really not doing too badly, so if you get the urge to have a go at your own beauty treatments, give yourself a slap. Or a bubble bath and a face mask.

You’re not going anywhere, and some things should only EVER be done by professionals. That includes lash lifts or ANYTHING involving chemicals around the skin and eyes. Put it this way, you’ll be in for more than an itch if it goes awry. Home lash lift kits contain chemicals like propylene glycol and methylparaben. These are acceptable in cosmetics BUT ‘can cause irritation’ so really shouldn’t go anywhere near your eyes. Don’t risk bothering A&E over a lash-lift.