Back to Life; Back to Reality with Enhance of Cheshire

Back to Life; Back to Reality with Enhance of Cheshire

Well, lovelies, here we are in September…

Littluns are back to school, back with their friends. Big ones are back to college or embarking on a new stage at Uni. How do you feel about that? Relishing the freedom? Or missing them to bits?

Autumnal Vibes

And we’re not just in September, but well into September! Leaves are already starting to turn those lovely Autumnal shades; there’s the hint of a chill in the air, and, admit it, you’ve thought about wearing Uggs again, haven’t you?

Here’s a little public service announcement, given the speed with which this year is passing: this year, Christmas falls on 25th December. Every year, every single solitary year, there’s a mad panic like it’s somehow arrived unannounced; caught you unawares. Like the shops haven’t already started stocking selection boxes and Cadbury’s snowballs, jostling for position with Halloween tat.

High Days and Holidays

A warm week or so has made the transition easier. Helped us wave goodbye to the summer. It was a very different kind of summer for most of us, but hopefully a good one nonetheless. Ours was bliss. No jetting off to the sun or all-inclusive complete with fun-packed kids’ clubs, just staycations and family time and sheer, unadulterated BLISS. We’ve discovered and explored new places. We’ve met new friends and reconnected with old ones. We spent two weeks in Scotland, which is every bit as bonnie as we’d hoped.

The first week was spent in Aberdeenshire, cosied up in a quaint fisherman’s cottage, slap bang on the beach. Then, we ended our adventure in a beautiful lodge complete with a hot tub. Tours of Loch Ness – yep, I’m pretty sure we saw her. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it – followed by the stunning Isle of Skye and beautiful Loch Lomond. Trip highlights included an incredible boat trip, including a stop-off on an uninhabited island. Desert Island Discs, eat yer heart out! Fab food, meeting up with pals, occasionally a little too much to drink and lots of laughs with our Scottish neighbours made this bonnie wee lassie very happy indeed. Mr Enhance and the little people enjoyed it just as much. The kids will have plenty to write about ‘What I Did On My Holidays.’

What Did You Do On Your Holidays?

Have you been away? And did you go abroad or discover some of the many wonders of good ol’ Blighty? There are some awe-inspiring places and breathtaking sights, virtually on our doorsteps, so if anything good has come out the past eighteen months, hopefully it’s a boost for UK tourism. A caveat, though: do still try and support the travel industry.

Travel agents and consultants don’t just arrange overseas trips – they do staycations, cottages, lodges, tours… You name it, they can help, and they can turn a good trip into an epic adventure or a holiday of a lifetime. They know all the good places and can get all the hot tickets. They’ve had a horrible time through the pandemic. Moreover, there’s still much uncertainty in their world.

Back to School and Back to Work

So. It’s back to business as usual for most of us. I’m working my fine ass off to see as many gaawwwjuss clients as I can, whether that’s for semi-permanent make-up, fancy facials, laser hair removal, piercings and all the Enhance of Cheshire goodies. If you’re considering lip blush or eyebrows, book your consultation ASAP – let’s get you gorgeous for all the Chrimbo parties you missed out on last year (note: 25th December. AND Enhance of Cheshire gift vouchers are available).

Factor in the Feel Good

The feel-good factor of the summer has illustrated even more just how important self-care is. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. And yes, self-care can mean taking pride in your appearance, making yourself feel the best you can. But it’s more than that. It’s really about taking care of YOU. Resting when you need, paying heed to what’s in your head. Talking to someone. And the basics, of course: eating well, exercising regularly, getting out in nature, looking after your physical health. Reiki is the perfect, restful way to calm the mind and body and free up your energy.

Reiki and Relaxation

Give yourself the gift of me-time with our reiki and relaxation evening. These are beautiful nights. Good for the mind, good for the soul – and therefore good for the body. The last event was a sell-out, so please do message to reserve your space, don’t miss out:

  • We held space together
  • Worked on our breathing
  • Relaxed
  • Gently stretched our muscles
  • Reconnected with the earth
  • Reignited our own energy
  • And we healed. We really did.


The next evening in Bramhall is Friday 24th September 7-9pm. Join us and find your inner peace. You’ll need it once the madness of party season is upon us! See you soon, me dears.

Yoga & Reiki Evening

Friday, 24 September 2021 19:00
Benja Fold, Bramhall

Candlelit Yoga & Reiki Evening

Friday, 15 October 2021 19:00
St Agnes’ Church Eccleston