August at Enhance of Cheshire

August at Enhance of Cheshire

How’s YOUR summer going? Is school out for Summer, or is it business as usual? It’s a bit of both, here, and all about the balance. Sometimes that means more than a gin in each hand…

This month at Enhance of Cheshire, it’s ALL about the ‘other’ semi-permanent make-up treatments.

Yes, your eyebrows are now the envy of your friends. Your skin is positively glowing. Your peach fuzz and your chin whiskers are but a dim and distant memory. Time to get the rest of your face doing you just as proud!

The Eyes Have It

Whether you agree that they’re the windows to the soul or not, there’s no arguing with the fact that your eyes are the focal point of your face. Obviously, you’re going to want to put them in the spotlight with an expertly applied outline. Subtle, or not so much. For most of us, eyeliner perfection is but a fleeting phenomenon. If you’re lucky, it’ll last until lunchtime. If you’re not so lucky, it’ll rain, and you’ll be Alice Cooper (Google him. Yes. HIM) by the time you reach the office.

Looking Good Means Feeling Good

Many semi-permanent make-up artists will wax lyrical about convenience and time-saving. Let’s be honest, girls (and boys, or other – we all deserve fabulous eyes); yes, perfect eye make-up can be a bit of a faff, but that’s not the be-all and end-all.  What matters most is looking bloody good. All. The. Damn. Time.

Come on. We’ve ALL been there. It’s always when you look like a recovering plague victim that you bump into THE ex or, worse, a frenemy. Don’t DO that to yourself! Oh. Is that just me, then? Oops, ok. Well then, there are other significant benefits of semi-permanent eyeliner.

The Sensitive Sort

Sensitive eyes or sensitive skin are no longer an issue. Same for those who can’t use traditional make-up products for whatever reason. If you’re an active sportsperson, swim, dive, chop a lot of onions or take part in ANY activities that may make make-up run, semi-permanent eyeliner is invaluable.

Talk to me today. As ever, we’ll discuss at length until you’re happy and know EXACTLY what you want.

Whatever You Want

What you want is what matters, and it’s not limited to a simple black line. I’d probably advise against a full-on Cleopatra. Nevertheless, a somewhat more subtle flick can look ravishing. However, you’d also be surprised at how even a delicate eyelash-enhancer line can make your eyes ‘pop’. And it’s not all or nothing. There’s a veritable spectrum of choice – thin or thick lines, natural or contrasting colour, simple shape or something bold. We can go big or small or somewhere in the middle. Smoky and soft or a sharper finish. Your face is yours, and the choice is, too.

Discomfort and downtime are minimal. With semi-permanent eyeliner, you can look your best not just from morning till night, but all THROUGH the night. And that level of confidence is priceless.

Lip Service

If the eyes have it, well so do the lips – but they SAY it, too. Your smile is your trademark – it shows emotion, passion and expression. As with an eyeliner tattoo, we tailor semi-permanent lip blush to YOU.

Full-looking, deep-coloured lips can have a sensual look while a soft, pretty pink can look youthful. Additionally, permanent lip make-up can enhance the shape and even SIZE of your lips. We can even out a perceived imbalance and add symmetry. We can add definition and even improve thin or disappearing lips in a natural-looking way with skilfully applied semi-permanent lip blush treatments.

Pucker Up

As we get older, the lips can dwindle, thin, lose definition and start to look a bit, well, meh. A cleverly applied (darling. This is ME. Everything’s cleverly applied) semi-permanent lip colour can make ALL the difference – even adding a subtly plumped-up look. With a plethora of colours to choose from, we can be sure to get something to suit.

It helps if you know what colours suit, so maybe bring your favourite lippy. It’s all about skin tone as well as the look you’re after, and I’m happy to help and advise.

Again, downtime is minimal – maybe a few days to heal – and I’ll do everything I can to keep the treatment comfortable. Most clients say it’s a doddle. The colour may fade, so a top-up is recommended.

Come and See Me – Soon!

I’m off on me jollies from 12 August, so if you want to book in, best get cracking. I will, of course, be back, fully rested and raring to go. Whether it’s a staycation or jetting off somewhere on the green list, have a wonderful summer, and I’ll see you soon. Bon voyage, bon appetit, bon tiddly om pom.