A Spring in Your Step with Enhance of Cheshire

A Spring in Your Step with Enhance of Cheshire

Monday was a good day. A VERY good day.

The Boss man from Downing Street, he say YES! It’s happening. From 12 April, we’re officially good to go. From Monday, you can be welcomed back into my plush, relaxing clinic to enjoy your favourite treatments, top-ups and titivations! I. Can. Not. Wait!

Oh! And as for the beer garden…

So Much More Than Beauty

It’s been too long, hasn’t it? A visit to a therapist is so much more than beauty or pampering. It’s rarely vanity. Think about it. Why do YOU come to see me? Yes, sure, you want beautiful eyebrows, or clear skin. You want to relax. But there’s so much more to it, isn’t there? Ask any of my lovely ladies – and gents. They choose treatments and therapies for reasons which are many and varied:

  • Confidence. Everyone likes to look their best. Some people need to look smart, awake, well presented. Good eyebrows can make a huge difference there.
  • Self-esteem: Happiness in how you look can give your self-esteem a boost.
  • Mental Health: Good self-image really helps with resilience and good mental health. Treatments such as Reiki can also have a beneficial effect, too.
  • Physical Health: Anything that promotes relaxation is known to help with stress and reduce blood pressure, migraines and help with sleep problems.


So Much More Than a Smiley Face

And I’m so much more than a smiley face, a good laugh and a skilled therapist. In terms of health problems and life stresses, I’ve not just been there. I’ve been there, done that, done it again, designed the t-shirt, worn the t-shirt, collected loads of metaphorical bloody t-shirts.

I can empathise with you. Whatever you’re going through, however you feel, I understand. A session in clinic, as I said, isn’t just beauty. In my past life I worked for the NHS and I’m a trained First Aider AND a Mental Health First Aider.

I know that self-care and wellbeing are crucial in our lives today. I hope my eternally optimistic outlook and positive mindset shine out of everything I do, and I hope they help lift the spirits of those around me.

You’ve Got a Friend AND a Therapist in Me

Don’t get me wrong, though, life isn’t always easy. I get that. Hence those t-shirts. Like all of us, I’ve faced challenges. I’ve experienced serious health scares followed by gruelling rehabilitation. I’ve struggled with my own mental health at times. I’ve dealt with heartbreak and loss. I lost my dad. Only recently I lost a good friend whose battle, though harrowing, inspired all her knew her – and many who didn’t. I’m with my daughter through her ongoing, often debilitating, health problems (she’s another total ray of sunshine. But that’s another story).

So, however you feel, whatever you’re going through, you’ve got SO much more than a PMU artist or skin specialist in me. There’s a song there somewhere. But don’t worry, I won’t sing. Probably not, anyway…

Spring into Summer

The sun has been out, the sky’s been blue, and the blossom trees are bloomin’ beautiful, but nobody’s full of the joys of spring. Not just yet. It’s over a year since ‘lockdown’ first entered our vocabulary – and our psyche.

No gym, no sport, no holidays and, critically, no meeting friends or even family. Missing hair and skin treatments hasn’t even been the hardest thing (though no picnic for those of us whose livelihoods depend on it). Add the stress of home-schooling into the mix and it’s really no wonder that we’re feeling a bit low, somewhat frazzled and definitely, unarguably missing our glow.

Lessons of Lockdown

This past year has taught us many lessons. It’s certainly become crystal clear that beauty treatments, holistic therapies and skin solutions aren’t vanity. There’s a direct correlation between not just looking good but FEELING it. And feeling good helps you look good, too, so it’s kind of self-perpetuating. Not so much a vicious circle as a happy one.

And, as lockdown continues to lift and life continues to get back to normal, watch this space for something really exciting. Just as soon as group activities are allowed again, a meditation and reiki experience is coming your way. So yes. Better days are coming. You can be sure of that. Let’s get ready for them. Let’s feel BETTER.