Yin Yoga & Reiki Relaxation Evenings

A beautiful evening of Yin Yoga and Reiki with Enhance of Cheshire



The evening will start with some slow moving, beautifully grounding Yin Yoga.


The yoga is slow and very gentle, with no pre requisites of being able to touch your toes or stand on one leg! It’s all floor based so very easy and relaxing.




During the yoga practice, you will receive hands on Reiki therapy to cleanse you of negativity and rebalance your body.




We will then journey towards ending our evening together with a cosy relaxing guided meditation.

£25 per person


Events are held monthly across Lancashire, Bramhall and Alderley Edge.


All levels of fitness are welcome as well as those recovering from injury or illness. Please bring blankets, pillows and warm clothing to ensure a cosy and relaxing evening is had by all!


The evenings are ran by a qualified yoga teacher and an advanced reiki practitioner.